Presentation of The Photographers on YouTube

Click on the portraits below to discover all the photographers. You can see short Youtube videos with a short presentation of the photographers and their work

Dina Oganova
Tamara Eckhardt
Tamara Eckhardt
Natalia Kovachevski
Mara Sanchez-Renero
Snezhana von Buedingen
Rosa Rodriguez
Marta Zgierska
Ana Arevalo
Livia Saavedra

Due the COVID-19, the exhibition 2020 presented in a Virtual reality Gallery format. Explore the works of the different photographers in a 3D VR Gallery.

To visit the Virtual Exhibition just click on the link  Virtual reality Gallery 

For the National Women’s Day in South Africa, the Alliances Françaises d’Afrique Australe presents to you a photographic exhibition honouring women photographers from all over the world.

The IWPA Award is a photography award organized by the International Women In Photo Association and open to all women photographers from all countries.

An internationally selected jury composed of eminent figures from the art and photography community shortlists five candidates and one laureate. Every year, itinerary exhibitions are organised around the world in Asia, the Middle East and Europe to showcase the works of the Laureate and finalists.

IWPA provides a platform for women photographers and promotes their work to a wide and diverse audience thus contributing to a plurality of vision. Its mission is to  encourage and help women photographers to gain global recognition in order for them to move forward creatively and professionally. »