Women’s Exhibition

The 9th August 2019, we will celebrate the National Wonen’s Day. For this occasion, the Alliance Française of Port Elizabeth dedicated his next exhibition to women. 


PHOTOGRAPHIES by the International Women Photographers Association (IWPA).

The IWPA promotes women photographers by highlighting and exposing their practices and talents to an international audience. 
The IWPA Award and the promotion of exhibitions are the main ways to achieve it. 
The Association serves an important missions : To encourage and support women photographers on the path of reaffirming their personal voice and practice.

The objectives are to : 
– Promote the diversity of women photographers coming from different traditions, culturels and religions.
– Reveal to the public a new selection of photographic expression. 
– Expose the various testimonies of a global society

SCULPTURES by Sarah Walmsley 
Sarah Walmsley graduated with her Master’s in Fine Art Sculpture in April 2018, following her BTech in Fine Art Sculpture (cum laude) at Nelson Mandela University. Walmsley’s work offers a new approach to the sculptural female nude. Her emotive sculptures gracefully bear the weight of their experience as they silently communicate with each other and their viewers. Her preferred subject matter of the female body, often explores self-portraits as her primary reference point is her body. She creates her explorative figurative sculptures in the mediums of bronze, kiln-formed glass and resin. 

Through the body language and essence of her sculptures combined with the mediums in which they are created, she aims to visually portray absence and presence using the body as an allegory. This is set within a narrative of personal memory. Walmsley believes that the body is a uniting factor for all of us and individually, our bodies contribute to the ways in which we understand the world. Her work also addresses the ways in which the naked female body has been voyeuristically represented in art and aims to reclaim the female nude, through representations of ‘naked nudes’ by a female artist.


Thursday 8th August 2019
6:30 – 9:30 pm
Free Entrance 

Duration of the exhibition : 
From 8 to 30 August 2019
Free entrance

The Alliance Française of Port Elizabeth 
17 Mackay Street, Richmond Hill
Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape
☎ 041 585 7889

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